What Makes Burmax Solar Energy the Best Solar Company?

  • Industry Expertise

    Burmax Solar Energy is one of the best quality solar companies in the industry because our work and products are the best in the business. We are hyper-focused on quality installation and best practices. We set the standard in our industry by treating every job as if it were our own home or business. We welcome calls to any one of our customers, they will be happy to share their experiences with you.

  • No Pressure Sales

    We do not pressure our clients. We know our method works because the majority of our clients come from referral. Meet with one of our professionals to discuss your current electric situation—without any expectation or pressure to make a decision on the spot. After, one of our solar specialists will come back and provide you with amazing options. If it feels right and you're confident in our work, we'll welcome you into the Burmax family.

  • Honesty

    Switching the primary way your home or business is powered can be a big decision for some people. Rest easy knowing Burmax Solar Energy employs professionals trained to put you in the best position possible. We make sure the solution is best for you, even if it means less money for us. Your satisfaction is our #1 interest and you will soon see why our business sets the standard for the industry. When you are happy, we are happy..

  • Easy & Efficient Process

    Because those working at Burmax are heavily experienced in successful commercial, federal and residential project management, we know what needs to be done and when. Currently, we have one of the fastest turnaround times in the country for solar projects, while maintaining the highest feedback scores in the industry. We know everything that needs to be done and do it quickly. We handle everything.

  • Power or Panels, You Choose

    There are many options available for how you get your power: we have the solutions to your needs. For some, purchasing a solar power system saves them more money, for others it's getting your power from someone other than your current utility thru a lease. It doesn't make a difference to us, we have the options—and you choose. We provide easy, zero-money-down lease, loan and cash options.

  • Continuing Relationships with Our Clients

    When your solar system is up and running, and you're saving money (and the environment), we still want to hear from you. We love what we do and will always keep connected with our clients. We're all in this together. If there is ever a question, we will be there. And when you are ready to refer friends, family and neighbors, we we give you $250 cash as soon as they are installed.

Our Referral Program In Action

Get $250 cash for any referral that becomes a Burmax customer!

“My sister recommended that I reached out to Burmax Solar Energy when I was looking into solar for my home. When it came to installation, Jay was beyond awesome. He and Ben handled everything without incident or stress for us and it went far smoother than I expected. We were up and running in no time.”

Michelle T.

San Diego, CA

“My neighbor referred to me Burmax Solar Energy, and I very lucky they did! They took great pains to make sure I was satisfied with the job they did. Ben Mack follows up to make sure all is working okay and to make sure we know exactly what is happening with the system.”

John K.

La Jolla, CA

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